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Charitable Planning

When it comes to charitable planning and philanthropy, the three pillars of giving are time, talent, and treasure. For the treasure part of the equation, there are many ways in which one can give to a cause or organization. 

Below is an overview of the various charitable planning techniques many families use.  Each of these strategies has pros and cons and it is up to each family to define their philanthropic goals and then to determine which solution(s) are optimal for them. 

Which solution is right for you?


The Donor Advised Fund

The Donor Advised Fund can be a simplified, low cost way to donate without the administrative costs and challengesof a private foundation.

The Donor Advised Fund enables the donor to accelerate charitable contributions into the current year without necessarily making grants to any public charities in that year.

Both commercial sponsors (Examples: Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard) and not for profit organizations (Examples: The Boston Foundation, Combined Jewish Philanthropies) offer a platform for the Donor Advised Fund.

Other characteristics of the Donor Advised Fund include:

- Streamlined tax reporting
- Easy online access for      
      - Tracking gifts
      - Managing donations
      - Analysis of giving history

- Ability to establish reoccurring or one time grants 
- Donations can be anonymous or named
- Large selection of approved nonprofit organizations and charities
- Separate donation to charity from tax deduction
- Ability to invest and grow money
- Collaborate with your family on giving strategies
- Ability to gift non-cash assets (highly appreciated stock, real estate)

Community Involvement

Greater Boston Food Bank

The Greater Boston Food Bank acquires and distributes food to those in need.  Volunteers work in their warehouse to sort products.


Cradles to Crayons 

Cradles to Crayons provides children with the essential items they need to thrive.  Volunteers inspect, sort and package donations at the warehouse.


Community Servings

Community Servings delivers lunches and dinners to people who are homebound with a life threatening illness.  The Holiday Gift Basket Program brings basic necessities and holiday treats to these families.

 Holiday Baskets Picture


Dana Farber Cancer Institute 

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has teamed up with the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts to offer  free, individual financial coaching services to patients and their caregivers.



Who We Help

A common thread amongst our clients is the need for a simplified process for analyzing and implementing their financial decisions. That need is similar whether they are a closely-held business, its owner, a corporate executive, or a financially successful family or individual. We believe this process should begin with engaging our Single Point CFO™ services.

Similar characteristics of clients prior to working with a Single Point CFO™ may include:

  • Currently addressing their financial affairs in silos
  • Are experts in areas other than holistically managing their personal financial affairs
  • Have many unexploited financial opportunities and risks outside the areas of their expertise
  • In need of an “intellectual partner” to work through financial affairs to maximize efficiencies and minimize risks
  • Not always aware of, or, have a personal connection with the proper professional expertise to employ on specific projects
  • Have unique and varied requests which fall outside their current advisors' established practice areas
  • Are constantly exposed to new business and investment opportunities and would like to have someone to assess opportunities with them
  • Want to explore opportunities for their capital beyond those typically offered through financial services companies
  • Are willing to listen to new ideas and concepts from professionals with experience in handling the issues they face
Beyond traditional wealth management and financial planning, some of the unique challenges these clients may face include:

Private Company 
Employee Benefits


  • Implementing and utilizing technology
  • Managing benefits due to the changing regulatory environment
  • Managing employee expectations and relationships
  • Designing attractive employee compensation packages
  • Protection from loss of key employees

Corporate Executives


  • Ownership of concentrated company stock
  • Complex compensation and benefits packages
  • Excess cash flow
  • Lack of clarity or plan for life after current employment

Financially Successful 
Families & Retirees


  • Developing a strategy for their monthly income needs
  • Ensuring they do not run out of money in their lifetime
  • Assisting in the next generation’s financial independence
  • Development of family governance
  • Developing and managing philanthropic plans and goals

Owners of Closely 
Held  Businesses

  • Coordination and/or selection of service providers that impact the owners personally and the business as a whole
  • Leveraging the business for personal financial affairs
  • Understanding the role the business will play in helping them achieve their personal wealth goals
  • Planning for various exit strategies for the owner and/or its employees

Our Process

Our Process

OurProcess2Our process is driven by a single goal: to fulfill the needs of our clients.  Internally, we ensure that every member of our team knows their role, plays to their strengths, and assumes responsibility.  If we do not have the expertise in house, we find it.  We've invested in technology to design and implement efficient work flow systems.  This allows us to spend our time more effectively doing what we do best, understanding our clients.

To our clients, our process is simple.

If our clients have a need that is unattended, we attend to it.

If our clients are exposed to riskwe minimize it.

If our clients seek opportunities, we help find them.

In a world full of noise, we eliminate it.

In an ever-changing regulatory and global environment, we continuously search for better ways to serve our clients.

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