Investment Advisory

Here at Single Point, we believe that diversification is key to reducing risk and providing long term positive returns for our clients. Based on our individual assessments of your financial goals, we have worked with each of you to establish an appropriate allocation. We have established benchmarks to highlight your investment returns vs. the market, but the critical measurement is if the allocation will help you meet your goals.

We manage 2 portfolios:  a “Risk” portfolio and a “Stable” portfolio.  Based upon your ability (and willingness) to take on risk, we invest a portion of your assets in each.  We believe in utilizing low-cost index investments as much as possible to build your portfolio.  We believe the most important component to managing your money is to ensure you are taking on an appropriate level of risk, and rebalance back to that risk to ensure you don’t drift away from it.

Rebalancing involves buying or selling assets in your portfolio to maintain your original desired level of asset allocation.  Knowing the appropriate level of risk based on your goals and time horizons, and remaining disciplined to our approach is the best way for us to help you achieve your long term objectives.